Who is Dave Scelba?

Marketing Economics

In this video, Dave Scelba addresses that if a company's marketing budget is $150,000 or less, its important not to dilute the investment and try implementing everything ... including the kitchen sink.

What to Pay for Creative
This video looks at the cost of creative from 1987 and discusses new methods to compensate agencies today.

Increase Reach and Frequency


For over two years, I've been preaching the benefits of re-purposing press releases and re-distributing content via video to social media networks and third party websites and Blogs. A few courageous clients have taken this advice. However, with the increased publicity and hype surrounding social media, many fence sitters are now ready to jump into these interactive communication waters.

For those employing a PR strategy that includes writing and distributing press releases, I have a seven step KISS program to offer....